PUEBLO - Cheryl Phillips and her new BRAIDED TWIST TOOL
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PUEBLO - Cheryl Phillips and her new BRAIDED TWIST TOOL

Are you ready for something new? It's been months in the making! Let us introduce you to the BRAIDED TWIST! This tool and book combo is amazing. No quilting, No binding, No handwork!... The secret is in the twist!

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Cheryl's new book "Braided Twist" Packet which includes patterns and Braided Twist Tool
Instructor Bio:
Phillips Fiber Art has been Cheryl's full time job for over 20 years and Gary, her husband, traded his 9-5 in about 13 years ago.

Gary moved around quite a bit as a kid. He was born in Montana and graduated from high school in California, then spent a summer in Guam with his mom after high school. A graduate of Mesa College in automotive technology, Gary's worked on cars and other machines for many years. He's handy and always ready for a challenge.

Cheryl has always lived in Colorado, but in many different areas. She has a bachelors degree in Geology and is always seeing the patterns in geological formations. Having a knack for mathematics, quilt design was a natural progression for her. Finding ways to make extra money she turned her quilting hobby into a career.

Cheryl's first book "Quilts Without Corners" was first published in 1993 by a local Colorado company. She then wrote and self-published "WedgeWorks", "WedgeWorks II" and many others. Gary and Cheryl have worked as a team to develop and manufacture an assortment of acrylic quilting tools.

PUEBLO - Cheryl Phillips and her new BRAIDED TWIST TOOL

$ 30.00